Mirus Office Chair

The latest addition to the Ergohuman chair range, the Mirus chair boasts the ingeniously simple single lever control which operates the three most frequently used chair functions. Seat height, seat depth and back tilt can all be operated from a single point of contact.

Mirus Office Chairs Head Rest
Mirus Office Chairs Head Rest

The design concept of the Mirus chair also incorporates a multi-directional interactive neck roll which can help to relax tired neck and shoulder muscles. The 3-dimensional automatic flexible lumbar support system provides full support to the lumbar region with interactive and dynamic movement, intuitively adjusting to your needs. A ‘zero pressure’ seat cushion helps to distribute weight evenly across the seat pad to provide maximum comfort.

Mirus Office Chair 3D Headrest
Mirus Office Chair 3D Headrest

The Mirus chair is 98% recyclable, has Greenguard Indoor Air Quality certification and meets EN 1335. Available in a choice of white and aluminium frame, black and aluminium frame or all-black frame with a mesh back and fabric seat, the colour combinations are contemporary and exciting.

Mirus Office Chairs
Mirus Office Chairs

The Mirus Mesh Chair is available in three frame finishes – white, black and polished aluminium/black; with the choice of the unique MD-flex headrest, adjustable 3D headrest or headrest-free, combined with an extensive selection of coloured mesh and fabrics creating an almost unlimited variation to suit your requirements.

Mirus Mesh Office Chair
Mirus Mesh Office Chair Flexible Lumbar Support

Ergonomic Office

We live in a designer world, where a dress is no longer a dress but a Stella McCartney number, a suit is a Versace and a car is referred to as the Porsche or some other ‘to die for’ brand name on four wheels.

So, why shouldn’t you refer to your own ergonomic office chair as a Nefil, a Mirus or a Ergohuman?

Why not?

Okay, it’ll be ‘out of the norm’ but think of the good advice you’ll be imparting to your family, friends and colleagues.

What I’m saying is – there’s an office chair but then there’s an ergonomic office chair and, unlike the designer ‘must haves’ mentioned earlier, a good ergonomic office chair doesn’t cost the earth.

When talking about cars, a firefighter friend told me that there are certain cars which stand up better to accident damage (e.g. the Alexis) and the same can be said for your office chair. Some will simply be office chairs, while others will give you additional support and improve your posture.

So, if you are shopping for your own ergonomic office chair, start (and, might I add, finish) with the Ergohuman range. Of the three I have already mentioned, all have those important adjustments, like seat height, seat tilt and that all-important lumbar support section, meaning the design isn’t ‘off the peg’ but made to measure, for you, whoever you are.

You can also go for additional extras, like a headrest and a leg rest, so think the whole picture when you are deciding what’s right for you. What does your job entail?

The duties of your job might make certain features more important to you. For example, that seat tilt. If your job means you are up and down all day long, a forward tilt will actually aid you in standing up, taking some of that pressure of your legs which normally comes from getting up from a more horizontal position.

Office Chair with Leg Rest
Office Chair with Leg Rest

Once you’ve chosen the right model for you, you can move on to choosing the right colour and the Ergohuman range do much more than black and blue. I’d go for a subtle autumn shade and I’d choose a mesh upholstery, as it’s durable, comfortable and easy to care for.

Are you starting to get the picture? You know, shopping for an ergonomic office chair can be more fun than shopping for something to wear. With the right advice and professional support, you won’t be thinking of taking it back the next day.


Enjoy Office Chair

The New 2010 model Enjoy mesh office chair with headrest is designed and made with the total comfort of human-kind in mind. The Enjoy ergonomic chair fuses art and science with flex zones that ensure constant support of back and lumbar, multi-dimensional adjustable arm rest for unparalleled support and a height-adjustable pivoting headrest for full crane support.

The Enjoy ergonomic mesh office chair was designed specifically for those who are in an office chair for 8 hours a day, and require intensive use seating to keep comfortable for long periods of time. Aesthetics, form and function allow this ergonomic chair to utilise a synchro tilt mechanism with 3 position lock, sliding seat and pneumatic height adjustment all in one very unique single lever control lever.

Enjoy chair specification :

* Enjoy mesh chair with five star polished aluminium base.
* New sleeker, improved mechanism
* Full Synchro movement.
* One single lever control which means all chair adjustments can be carried out using one lever
* Breathable comfortable mesh seat and backrest.
* Seat height control.
* Seat depth adjustment (seat slide)
* Backrest tilt tension control.
* Backrest tilt angle adjustment.
* Backrest height adjustment.
* New design armrests with soft polyurethane pads.
* Armrest height & angle adjustment.
* Headrest height & angle adjustment.

Enjoy office chairs are available in Black Mesh. The New Enjoy mesh office chair also available without headrest.

Enjoy Office Chair
Enjoy Office Chair

Ergohuman – la Chaise de Bureau Ergonomique

Chaise de bureau Ergohuman

Chaise de bureau Ergohuman

La chaise Ergohuman est une chaise de bureau ergonomique en résille ou maille. Cette chaise de bureau offre un design moderne tout en étant particulièrement confortable et résistante, une chaise idéale pour garantir un confort optimal pendant les longues journées de travail.

Les nombreuses fonctions ergonomiques permettent un confort total adapté à la taille de l’utilisateur:

–   réglage de la hauteur et de la profondeur du siège ergonomique pour un meilleur soutien des cuisses et du dos.

–         mécanisme de synchronisation pour régler l’inclinaison du siège et du dossier individuellement sur la base du poids, pour une meilleure stabilité dans différentes positions d’assise.

–   accoudoirs orientables réglables en hauteur et écartement (horizontal et vertical) pour soulager la tension sur le dos des bras et des épaules.

–  réglage de la hauteur et de la tension du dossier ergonomique pour soulager le bas du dos.

–  réglage de la hauteur et de l’inclinaison de l’appuie-tête pour soulager la tension sur le cou.

Chaise de bureau Ergohuman en cuir
Chaise de bureau Ergohuman en cuir

Une des particularité qui rend la chaise Ergohuman unique en son genre est le fait que la partie inférieure du dossier est légèrement en avant de manière a offrir un support des vertèbres lombaires qui est particulièrement agréable a l’assise et permet un usage prolongé dans un confort total.

La chaise Erghohuman utilise des matériaux de haute qualité :

–   un cadre solide en aluminium

–   un tissu de résille thermoactif résistant a l’usure et indéformable (aussi disponible en cuir et microfibre)

–   un mécanisme testé et durable

La qualité de construction, stabilité, durabilité et solidité de la chaise Ergohuman permet d’offrir une garantie de 10 ans.
Standards reçus et approuvés : BS 5459-2:2000

Les tests ont démontré que la chaise est approuvée pour un usage professionnel de bureau intensif. La chaise Ergohuman peut convenir aux personnes pesant jusqu’à 150 kg et résister a une utilisation continue de 24 heures par jour.


Largeur globale: 66 cm
Profondeur globale: 69.8 cm
Hauteur globale: 116.8 – 129.5cm
Largeur assise: 54 cm
Profondeur assise: 39.4 – 45cm

Hauteur assise: 46 –58 cm
Hauteur dossier.: 70 – 75 cm

Poids: 30 kg

La collection de chaises ou sièges Ergohuman est disponible chez Simply Ergonomic:


Numero de Contact: +44 (0) 203 600 0322

Vous pouvez maintenant contacter Simply Ergonomic en Français.

La chaise de bureau ergonomique – chaise de bureau en en résille ou maille